Me, a Publisher?

With my third book out there, it seems time to have a website for Laughing Oak. After all, people may pick up a book and wonder, “Who is Laughing Oak?” or “What is that little tree with roots?” In addition to a bakery somewhere, it is moi. Here in beautiful Napa Valley, publishing my own work and perhaps, someday, the work of others.

I’ll write more about this journey after my official launch of Leavings and Laugh and Live, Advice for Aging Boomers. Encouraged by a writing friend and poet/teacher Judyth Hill, who basically says, “Write it, edit and send it out into the world,” I decided it was time to do a collection of poetry. These poems are not mind-blowing, although some of them have been published. But they are me. They deal with nature, places that have influenced my thoughts, politics, introspection, relationships, grief, and just plain fun with words.

In 2016 I wrote a newspaper column twice a month which I called Boomer Blues. When I turned 70, I realized all of my fellow Boomers were heading in the same direction. I had a blast exploring all the weird things that happen as we age and enjoyed hearing that my readers got a kick out of the column and I loved reading at open mics and listening to the laughter. So in time I wrote more and decided to share these essays with everyone who can find them. Each short chapter includes advice, both humorous and often helpful. My favorite chapter? “Everything Leaks,” in which I start from the eyes and work my way down, owning up to my own drips and possible solutions, from nasal sprays to paper panties.

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