Book Launch!

I am launching two books tomorrow and excitement reigns. Since my book of essays is about the humor in aging, I’m serving high fiber granola bars and a cocktail made with prune juice. My guests will laugh all the way to the bathroom.

A launch is like a special party. My writing community and my dear friends will show up plus some other folks who saw the announcement in Napa Bookmine or in their newsletter or my posts. We’ll have refreshments and I’ll get to read from my books for as long as I want, not the usual 5 minutes at an open mic. (I’m going to keep it to 15 minutes.) Then people will line up to get books signed and pay for their purchases. It brings customers into the store, helps me get my books out there, and is a nice and warm, fuzzy-wuzzy experience for all.

Nevertheless, I’ll be glad when the big event is over. Then I only have to worry about marketing. How’s my Facebook ad doing? What does this new website need? What other bloggers would love to talk about my book? Who needs a free copy because they gave me a blurb for the back cover or encouraged me in some way? How do I make books available in Australia, since it appears Amazon no longer has an outlet there? Lots to do.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! There is a turkey to be cooked soon.

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