The Amazon Ad Gods

So if you read a previous post, you know I wasted some money on Amazon ads without knowing what I was doing. I finally got some help from a mentor, Judy Reyes and now I am marketing my most popular book.

When I wrote Laugh and Live, Advice for Aging Boomers, I figured my peeps would find it on their own. Not so much. My friend Amber helped me use an ap to work up a long list of key words, Judy  played around with a low-cost campaign until she found some approaches that worked, and then she showed me how to do it.

So now I’m adding key words as I see new books of humor that sound like mine, I get a thrill whenever the use of Dave Barry, my idol, gets me a sale, and I’m spending almost as much on Amazon ads as the sales coming in. I guess as long as I’m making more than I’m spending, it’s all good–getting the book out there into the hands of readers.

What’s bizarre about this success of sorts is how my feelings about my book change with the sales. On days when nobody buys, I’m into “it’s such a silly book, why would anyone buy it?” On days when I sell multiple copies, “I’m such a great writer.”

While I’m laughing at myself, I’m so glad to live in a time when an ordinary person can write a book, publish it and sell it to the world with relative ease. I know Amazon has many detractors, and if I truly understood their algorithms, I might suspect it’s all aimed at sucking money out of me, but I’m enjoying myself and that’s a gift.

Must stop now and go check my sales today.

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