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Cynthia Walker, age thirty-five, leaves teaching to become vice principal at Hamilton Middle School. Ride the roller coaster of her new job with Cynthia—the hilarity and angst of working with tweens. Watch her deal with bomb threats, fire, and pythons on the loose. Bullied kids and abusive parents. Dysfunctional homes, teachers without a clue, and a principal who does little work, but tries to get close—is he hitting on her? Meanwhile, she would like to date the handsome and talented history teacher, if only she weren’t his supervisor. 

Schooled will take you back to your own school days. It will make you laugh and will pull at your heartstrings. 

Join Ms. Walker as she stumbles and finds her way, stands up for what she believes, and—perhaps finds a lasting love. 

“A fun read and I was disappointed when it was over. Anyone who has moved from teacher to administrator will relate to the trials and tribulations of working in education today.” Dr. Barbara Nemko,  Superintendent of Schools, Napa County, California

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